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The Youth Council consists of young people aged 16 to 25 who represent their respective communities. The Youth Council functions as a separate entity focusing on building up the youth of the parish. Just like the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), the Youth Council has its own officer bearers which consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer along with two representatives from each community of the parish. The main focus is to bring together maximum youth of the parish to participate and experience the various activities planned during the year.


The objectives of the Youth Council are:
a. Build a strong and cohesive youth culture to enhance both faith and individual development.

b. Ensure long term plans/goals for the formation of  future youth leaders to lead the various youth associations in the parish.


The Youth Council also consists of a Youth Animating Team (PYAT). The PYAT comprises of representatives from every community who are above 25 years of age and are willing to serve in the Youth Ministry. They are the ones who are responsible in animating and mentoring the youth in the Neighbourhood Youth Groups (NYGs).


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The St. Michaels Recreation Centre, fondly known as SMRC, was started in the summer of  1972 as an offshoot of “The Legion of Mary'' to provide a healthy platform for sports and other recreational activities within the parish.  

Over the years, with the support of the parish team, it developed into a multi-faceted organisation, conducting all Mumbai athletic, football and hockey tournaments. Many of its members have represented Mumbai at National level events. 

The Annual Holiday Special conducted by the SMRC during the school summer vacation is a one of its kind event. It encapsulates physical & sporting activities with other talents like dramatics, singing, elocution, dance, art, craft, etc. The Summer Moods, a competition in Drama, brings the best out of everyone whether on stage or back stage.  

The SMRC also organizes various social & cultural events for the St. Michael’s Parishioners.

On a daily basis, it provides an opportunity for members of the parish of any age group to utilise the facilities available like badminton, table tennis, carrom and chess, and outdoor sports like volleyball, rink hockey, football and cricket.

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