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"Women, you are free!"
LUKE 13:12

This message of Jesus rings out loud and clear. That is why the Archdiocesan Women's Commission strongly believes in working for gender justice. It is a way of carrying out the evangelising mandate of Jesus. It envisions a society where women and girls are valued and respected equally. Created in the image of God, they are able to enjoy their rights without discrimination or fear of violence. They can realize their full potential and participate in the decision-making process with a woman's perspective as equal partners in the family, church and society.

To achieve this objective, Women's Cells have been set up at various parishes. The St Michael's Women's Cell was set up in 2007 in our church to empower women. The cell organizes programmes centered on gender issues, women's health, legal awareness, domestic violence, violence at workplaces, child abuse, etc. It acts as a support group for women in distress and guides them to people or organizations where they can receive help thereby finding abundance in living life to the fullest.

Meetings are held once a month.

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