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Our Community commenced on 7th January 1991.



  • Monthly visits to each and every family in our community.

  • To work together for the good of all families.

  • To strengthen our bonds through prayer and service.

  • To help the sick and home-bound on a daily basis and especially in times of necessity.

  • To reach out to those who are lonely and helpless. 

  • To help procure jobs for the unemployed.

  • To build bridges and live in peace and harmony with people of all Faiths in our Colony and neighborhood.



  • Helping the families of deceased members to organize the Mass and burial and other requirements that need to be taken care of.

  • Praying with the members of the families and consoling them in their time of grief.

  • Helping sick members of our community to enroll in the Ashadeep Clinic for their treatment and medicines thus easing their need to spend scarce finance on their medical needs.

  • Helping the needy families to get Rations from the Caring Cell.

  • Helping the children to get tuition fees and encouraging them to study and do well.

  • Members of the Community recite the Rosary daily during the month of May every year.

  • In the month of October, the statue of Mother Mary is taken in procession from house to house and kept overnight while the Rosary is being recited.

  • Stations of the Cross are being conducted at all the Crosses in the Community which is attended by many members during Lent.

  • Ensuring that our members live in peace and harmony with our Muslim and Hindu neighbours and people of all Faiths.

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