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Our Small Christian Community was born on December 5, 1988 with Bishop Bosco celebrating the Eucharist and inspiring us to be witnesses to our faith. From the inception, we addressed the different needs of the age cohorts in a meaningful manner and thus obtained active engagement of all members of the community. This became the foundation of our SCC. 

The Children’s Group were involved in activities like Bible sharing, a unique camp which taught them about team work and the value of money, re-enacting the Christmas story on the street and others in the same vein. 

The Youth Group used a Mithi River exposure to create awareness about its pollution among citizens. A significant event was the Carrom tournament which they organised and which helped bridge gaps between the rich and the poor and the old and the young. 
The Adult Group formed the Core Group which organised activities for the whole community like the Annual Mass, the Rosary at the Cross, Picnics, Visiting the sick and so on. 

The Senior citizens group recited the rosary daily from 1993 till 2013. During this period they celebrated their birthdays, played housie and supported one another. After most had passed away, this was discontinued. 

These initiatives helped form strong bonds within the community.

In recent years, the Community got involved in other initiatives like distributing Gift Hampers to the less fortunate, visiting the aged on their birthdays, organising a Senior’s day and a program for Singles. But the spiritual core of the community remained. The Community Feast is celebrated with a Thanksgiving Mass and get-together. The Rosary is recited. And the community has even gone for a mini pilgrimage.  

Over the years, the demographics of our Community have evolved necessitating a relook at how we can become more relevant.  

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