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  • To visit families in the Community on a regular basis and ensure they are informed about happenings in the Community/Parish.

  • Give all a sense of caring and belonging by reaching out to the less fortunate, sick and home-bound in the community.

  • To help ensure that our Parish continues to be vibrant by praying and working together for the good of all and greater glory of God.



  • Conducting prayer services at the homes of the deceased and visiting them to offer comfort and solace in their bereavement.

  • Praying the Rosary with the home-bound during the months of May and October.

  • Conduct the Rosary at the Mori Road Cross during the month of May.

  • During Lent, Stations of the Cross are conducted at Piedade’s House.

  • We celebrate the community feast every year in the month of January.

  • A special programme for Seniors of our Community was organized for the first time this year in the Auditorium.

  • The Mass was followed by an evening of Fun and Games with a sumptuous buffet dinner.

  • Celebrated Parents Day with two other Communities in the Auditorium with games, dancing and lunch.

  • Visiting the homebound on a regular basis.

  • During the Coronavirus pandemic, daily provisions are being bought for the homebound.

  • 3 members of the Community are assisting the priests of our Parish with food distribution to the needy and homeless on a daily basis.



  • Increase the number of members, especially Youth, in our core team for better functioning.

  • Encourage families to contribute to the Community Fund.

  • Identify poor families in the community and try to help them to get rations / medical assistance.

  • Identify and organize free tuitions for needy children of the lower classes.

  • Working with the Civic and Political Cell to encourage people to form the ALM in our area so that we can keep it clean.

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