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This Community was formed under the guidance of Fr. Raphael about twenty-four years ago.


  • To help ensure that our Community continues to be vibrant by encouraging participation in all the spiritual and social programmes conducted for the community.

  • To keep the Community updated on the events happenings in the Parish and the Archdiocese by regularly sending WhatsApp messages and visits to the families in the Community.

  • To reach out to the less fortunate, sick and home-bound in the community so that nobody feels lonely or neglected.



  • Spreading the Deepavali Light through a programme titled ‘Andhere se Ujaala Tak’ meaning ‘From Darkness to Light‘ a programme organized for families Christian and non-Christian, the theme of the programme was the problems of the youth viz. drugs, joblessness and the various pressures that they are exposed to. The programme was well appreciated by our Non Christian brethren.  

  • Pray with the families of the deceased at their homes and comfort them in their bereavement, help them with the funeral arrangements.

  • During the months of May and October, the Rosary is recited at the Cross on the main road next to Corporation Bank. 

  • During Lent, Stations of the Cross are conducted with the home-bound. Visiting them during Christmas Season and on Easter to give them a sense of caring and belonging. 

  • Every family in the community is visited at least once during the year to foster a sense of oneness. 

  • A morning walk activity has been initiated for members of the community to encourage fitness and physical well being.

  • Encouraging the Community to participate in events like Celebration of Parents Day, Easter Blessing Mass etc.

  • Families are being encouraged to contribute to the Community Fund and the response this year is encouraging.



  • Broad base the core committee by inducting new members, especially Youth.

  • Continue to encourage families to contribute to the Community Fund.
    Identify a) poor families in the community b) the homebound and lonely and try to help them to get the required assistance.

  • Collaborating with the Civic and Political Cell to encourage people to form the ALM in our area so that we can liaise with the Civic Authorities.

  • Inculcating in the Youth and children the values of living in peace and harmony with people of all Faiths. Our motto is “Catch them Young!”

  • Encourage the families to share the Word of God and pray together as a Community.

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