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Commencement : 10th January 1995

No. of active members: 11 core members
No. of Families: 115



The first group of our Basic Christian Community (BCC) began with around 25 members, 25 years ago on the birthday of our very own Bishop Bosco Penha. At the time, members did not know much about the BCC. The 1st Inaugural Mass was celebrated by Fr. Salvador Rodrigues on 10th January, 1995. 


  • News Bulletin was started, but which ended very soon. 

  • Cultural Programmes like Cultural Dance etc. were organised at Diwali

  • During Advent, each family was given a name chit with the name of another family to pray for them. On Christmas Day, they had to wish that family with a gift or some sweets, to bind their friendship.

  • At Christmastime, programmes like Fancy dress competitions, Body canvassing, Big Hog, Dancing competition and Christmas party have been organized over the years. Games for different age groups were conducted for all the children of our community. Prizes and Gifts were distributed by Santa Claus for the winners of the games & to all Children and Youth. With donations received in cash and kind, programmes are organized for children and help is given to the poor families in our community. The youth of our community prepare a crib every year during Christmas. 

  • In the year 2000, Republic Day was celebrated along with our Hindu Brethren through a variety of programmes such as flag hoisting, reciting of prayers, bhajans etc. A short skit was enacted by the kids.  The main theme of the skit was “CLEANLINESS AND UNITY”. A short speech on Advance Locality Management (ALM) was also given which led to its formation a little later. 

  • Every year on Republic Day and Independence Day, Prayer Services are conducted. Diyas are lit and prayers are recited in three languages - Marathi, Hindi and English. The children and elders sing the National Anthem while the flag is hoisted.

  • During Lent, Way of the Cross was enacted by the children/youth in all the areas of the Community. 

  • On Easter Monday, we have blessing of holy water at Gabriel House Compound. 

  • A collection drive of different items, Newspapers, plastic bottles and old clothes, done by our Youth to help the poor.

  • Many Elders/ Youth/Children visited Raigad Church & carried Food, Clothes, toys etc. for the poor people and visited their homes in village high up on the mountain which had no doors.

  • For two years “SCOOBY FETE” was organized by the youth where all youth of the Parish were invited. 

  • Monthly Prayer services were held by the CGM’s along with their allotted families. 

  • Prayer services held at the residence of our deceased members of our community.

  • A Breakfast Festival was organised (sale of Indian delicacies) where many families (including Hindus) helped us to cook the items.

  • Our Core Group Members, along with a few children, youth and elders of our Community, organize visits to Clergy Home, Bandra and Asha Sadan, Byculla.

  • Prayer Service conducted for the rite of acceptance for First Holy Communicants and Confirmation students along with their parents. A flower/book mark is given to each child. 

  • We have also organized Baby Showers before the Baptism of babies and Bridal Showers for Members of our Community who are about to be married.

  • One of our Community Members, who is actively involved with Inter-religious Dialogue (IRD) Cell of our Parish, along with a few other members of the IRD visited our Muslim Brethren at Mahim Durga during 'Eid’ and presented roses to a group of them. 

​Our community KRIST PREM celebrated 25 years this January 2020. The Silver Jubilee was celebrated beginning with the Holy Eucharist on Friday 10th January, 2020 at 7.15 pm at Canossa High School, along with dinner. All of our Priests, Nuns and past animators joined us in the celebration.

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