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Commenced on 9th February 1994 - Completed 26 glorious years

We have always had dynamic Parish Councillors to represent our community hence we have flourished.  The Core Team members were happy to work together and that can be seen from some of them who have been part of the team for most of the 26 years. 

Being in the vicinity of the Church, most of the parishioners of our community are actively involved in various jobs which help in the smooth running of the church and the parish.  This has been a great privilege and advantage. 

Holy Family Community participates actively in whatever programmes are organised by the parish for the parishioners.  One of our main thrusts is caring for the sick and housebound, ensuring that no one lacks aid or assistance in any way.  Spiritually, we have been conducting the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and Lenten Reflections at various locations in the community and especially in Marydell I Compound and elsewhere. 

Our families were very happy to attend the 15-odd cluster meetings at which there were about 90 people from various families.  We began with the Rosary which was recited by those who had never come forward to participate publicly.  The idea behind the cluster meetings was explained and people were given a chance to voice their suggestions.  This has brought our families closer.  

We hope to catch up again once the lockdown has been lifted.  Till then, stay home, stay safe and grow spiritually with all the beautiful programmes, starting with the Cardinal’s Mass, Novenas and 9pm Adoration Service being live streamed!!!



  • Helping the families of deceased members to organize the Mass and burial and other requirements that need to be taken care of.

  • Praying with the members of the families and consoling them in their time of grief.

  • Helping sick members of our community to enroll in the Ashadeep Clinic for their treatment and medicines thus easing their need to spend scarce finance on their medical needs.

  • Helping the needy families to get Rations from the Caring Cell.

  • Helping the children to get tuition fees and encouraging them to study and do well.

  • Members of the Community recite the Rosary daily during the month of May every year.

  • In the month of October, the statue of Mother Mary is taken in procession from house to house and kept overnight while the Rosary is being recited.

  • Stations of the Cross are being conducted at all the Crosses in the Community which is attended by many members during Lent.

  • Ensuring that our members live in peace and harmony with our Muslim and Hindu neighbours and people of all Faiths.

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