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  • Samara Fernandes & Cherise Dsouza

Youth Trek to Garbett Plateau

“The best view comes after the hardest climb”

The youth of St. Michael’s along with Fr. Ashwin went on a trek to Garbett Plateau on Sunday, the 26th of September. The day started off with 40 smiling faces at Sea Breeze waiting to board the bus and excited for the superb day ahead.

We stopped on the way to enjoy a delicious breakfast made by the confirmation students. After that, we headed to the base village where we began the strenuous journey. We were assigned groups which helped us get to know our fellow peers.

Our first stop was at the beautiful Dhoom Lake where we got an overview of the journey we were about to traverse. From there we broke into smaller groups and began the challenging trek. The weather was cool and pleasant. We had to cross a stream of water and as we climbed, it began to drizzle. The cloudy weather made the trek a real adventure. Halfway up the plateau, we were exhausted but we did not want to give up. Some of the villagers greeted us with refreshments to keep us going. As we climbed higher, we saw a bolt of lightning as thunder rumbled through the sky.

The trek took a turn for the worse when the journey started to get more challenging, but with the help of our friends and the unity amongst us we finally reached the top. When we reached the top,we breathed a sigh of relief. The view from the plateau along with the feeling of accomplishment that we got, was one of the best moments of the trek. There were strong winds on the plateau as we enjoyed a hot lunch in the chilly weather.

Fr. Ashwin then celebrated the Holy Eucharist and had a small activity for us. It was a very spiritual service. The trail towards our destination was even more beautiful. We walked towards Kasturba Station(Matheran) where we boarded our vehicles and headed to the bus.

The trek was overall a spectacular experience and it was worth every second. We returned home after a well spent day amidst nature with aching bones and beautiful memories. Wethank Fr. Ashwin and the organizer of the trek for a day we will never forget.


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