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  • Avril D'mello

St. Michael's Feast Celebration

For the second year in a row, we at St Michael's Church, Mahim, had to organise an online celebration for our Parish Feast. The Organizing Committee decided to bring the 'al fresco' experience online. An evening of Trivia, Games, Contests and Music was planned around the theme Dinchak Evening: A Kaleidoscope of Colours.

Our compere for the evening, Joanne Fernandes, did a fabulous job of getting the crowd into the festive mood and raring to go. A group calling themselves the Dinchak Divas were seen dancing to Simon's tunes (Simon Says). The participants were then divided into groups for the Games and the Trivia round saw them trying to outwit one another. After a few silly but fun games, there was the Dinchak Dude and Diva contests which saw our contestants show off their supermodel-worthy moves to some groovy beats. The winners were selected through an online audience poll. There were bands intermittently entertaining the crowd as well.

For the 58 families that participated in the festivities, it was an evening to remember.


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