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Independence Day Fiesta

We, the members of the SMRC committee, held an Independence day fiesta for all the parishioners of St. Michaels Mahim to commemorate 75 years of Independent India, which was held within the Church Premises. The entire area was very bright and colourful with the Indian Flag and balloons of White, Saffron and Green adorning the whole place .

The morning session began with singing the National Anthem and thereafter Fr. Ashwin saying a prayer to open the event.

To begin with, was the March with all the 4 zones of our parish each carrying the placard with the zone name mentioned and the Independence day theme on displayed, which was in different sizes and ideas adding colour to the venue and event(each zone named after 1 evangelist).

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the Parishioners who came for the event from young children below ten to young adults above 60 all excited and raring to go.

Being Independence day the 1st game was based on India and all teams had to write the names of the states of India on the virtual map provided within a time frame given there was a lot of team building and bonding to get the maximum states and union territories right on the map.

The next was the Dupatta Throwball with a total of 6 players per side which was fun as was difficult at the same time there was a lot of laughter, cheer and giggle all around when this game was being played.

Then there was cone it up and after a lot of thinking the teams put in their most fit players for this as the players had to collect the cones placed in the centre and hop back to the starting point to deposit the cones in a box provided.

“Blow off the top” was another where the teams had to fill in the cups with water to lift a plastic ball placed inside the same and then blow the same into the next and finally the ball had to be blown into a bowl. There were lots of different types of faces and neck movement to fill the water in the glasses which was fun to see.

Thereafter, there was a number game for same was for all ages numbers from 0 to 9 were provided and each member had to hold 1 number and based on the questions asked had to come forward with the right answer for the judges to read in the correct order , in this there was a lot of googling done to get the right answers and also at times the players were not standing in correct formation which resulted incorrect answers ( all questions were based on India). The games wound up as there was a funeral in the church and with due respect did not continue with the other games .

Evening session of the social began with the normal march followed by different sessions for the youth (Jive session), for the young adults above 55 (waltz session) and general party dance fiesta songs . During the same had a few minutes break where one of the founder members of SMRC Mr.Clifford spoke a few words , and thereafter Fr.Ashwin handed over the SMRC Independence Fiesta Rolling trophy to the winners Mark Zone of St.Michael's Parish.

Unfortunately all good thing come to and end and in spite of wanting more by all had to shut down as we reached the official closing hrs of 10 PM

Many thanks to the Priest of St. Michaels, the SMRC committee for the games and social events.


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