• Wendy Pinto

Coping with Grief

During this current covid pandemic many people lost their brothers, sisters, children, parents, friends and neighbours. Apart from having to deal with the Covid-19 virus we have had to deal with these personal losses too. St. Michael Church, Mahim decided to have a session 'Coping with Grief' conducted by leading psychologist Michelle Faye Pereira.

She gave us exercises/tips like breathing techniques, grounding(placing your feet on the ground when anxious, dizzy or jittery) and the self-soothing technique(placing your hand on the area you feel hurts or is breaking down like your heart, or throat when feeling choked). She also stated that what we are going through is only a temporary or passing phase and things will only get better. She taught us a short meditation technique and a focusing technique to divert our mind and help us focus on the present so that we can go on with our lives. The session ended with a feeling of being supported and understood and several participants requested for a follow-up session.

Those who missed the session 'Coping with Grief' conducted by leading psychologist Michelle Faye Pereira on 13 June 2021 at 5pm for those who have lost a loved one or going through some difficulty can now avail of the same online.

The session includes coping strategies, guided meditation, forgiveness therapy and dealing with loss. We have also planned a follow up session which will be communicated shortly.

Do share it with those who may benefit from the same.


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