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Yesterday, the 15th of August, the Inter-religious Dialogue(IRD) Cell of the St. Michael's Church Mahim, celebrated "AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV" the 75th year of the Indian Independence. With an inter-faith discussion on the Subject "UNITY OF THE WORLD THROUGH SOLIDARITY OF ALL FAITHS" Scholarly & well read persons relating to & involving different religions were invited to lecture their religious perspective resting on the Subject. The members of the Audience invited were also from different religions.

The Speakers:

Shri Sabir Sayedji of Mahim Dargah - on Islam.

Prabhu Keshav Charandasji from ISKON - on Hinduism.

Shri. Tejraj Singhji - on Sikhism. &.

Fr. Lancy Pinto from St. Michael's Church - on Christianity.

All the speakers emphasized that Solidarity highlights the necessity of valuing the integrity and humanity of different groups of people throughout the world. To be in true solidarity with a group of people, one must unconditionally support them and their inherent beliefs . One must embrace religious Tolerance, understanding, acceptance and a willingness to move beyond our differences. Love one another, Love your fellow countrymen, irrespective of religion. This is the only way for a harmonious coexistence.


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