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Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and concurrent with Vatican II, the Neo-Catechumenal Way was started in Madrid in 1964 by Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez. 

Taking its inspiration from the catechumenate of the early Catholic Church, the Neo-Catechumenal Way is an itinerary of Christian initiation which provides post-baptismal formation to baptised Catholics and those of other religions wishing to receive baptism. In this it is at the service of the bishop as one of the forms of diocesan implementation of Christian initiation and of ongoing education in the faith. It offers to parish priests a practical answer to 'the need for a post-baptismal catechumenate for adults' (CCC 1231).

This is done in small communities where the baptismal vows are renewed in stages over a period of time to reach the stature of Christians adult in the faith. These communities are made up of all those who respond to God's call when listening to the kerygma announced in each catechesis whom God makes into a community. The resulting growth in faith and a flowering of the baptismal graces that this itinerary delivers is always at the service of the church and in obedience to the bishop and the parish priest.    

In 2008 the statutes were accorded definitive approval by the Holy See. 

Over the last 40 years the Neo-Catechumenal Way has grown to thousands of communities all over the world with many of them being in India.

In Mumbai, the Way is present in the parishes of St Andrew’s (Bandra), St John the Evangelist (Marol), Our Lady of Lourdes (Sion) and Our Lady of the Rosary (Goregaon).


The Neo-Catechumenal Way is for those who are baptised but see that in their lives the two signs of a fully-formed Christian adult in the faith are not there: the love in the dimension of the cross (love for the enemy) and the unity (being one in mind and spirit with the brothers). This means that the seed of baptism inside you needs to grow, but because it is a spiritual gift it is not something that you can do but is a work that God does inside of you if you allow him - all he needs is your time.

For this the community meets twice a week for the celebration of the Word and the Eucharist, and once a month for a convivence - this is the tripod of Christian life which makes the faith grow and causes the flowering of baptismal graces. This can be seen in the vocations, healing of marriages, and openness to life. All this happens not because we are good or we deserve it. Rather, it is a gift that God freely makes happen inside all who say Amen to Him.

We invite you to come and listen to the catechesis held in July and August and see how God transforms your life.

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