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The Inter Religious Dialogue cell in the parish was formed in June 2015.

Although four parishioners successfully completed the BIRD course early on, we were able to organise our first programme, Inter Religious Meet, only on 6 November 2016. It was attended by speakers and people of all faiths.  

Our next programme, I Respect You, was held on 18 August 2018, and our last programme, Peace & Harmony, on 15 August 2019. Both were well attended by people of all faiths. (Religious leaders of Muslims, Hindus, Brahmakumaris, Iskon, Sikhs, Jains and Parsis.)

Aims & Objectives
• Interacting with people of all faiths.
• Building trust and strong relations to dispel fear and suspicion.
• Building bridges and promoting peace and harmony.


Other Activities
• Every year we help in doing the Rangoli, setting up the crib, and welcoming the Cardinal’s guests for the annual Christmas Inter Religious programme at Holy Name Cathedral, Colaba, Mumbai.
• We are invited and attend Inter Faith programmes conducted by the Ahmediya Muslim Community at Byculla, Muslims at the Mahim Dargah, and Hindus, Jains and Parsis. 
Looking Ahead 
• Strengthening our bonds with the newly constituted group, Citizens for Peace and Harmony in Mahim, and increasing the number of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Parsis in the group.

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