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Pope Francis, in his encyclical, Laudato Si, has exhorted ‘people of all faiths’ to take action against environmental degradation and climate change; the most serious challenge facing humanity today. The Holy Father appeals to the world community, that the situation is very grim, but there is hope. In order to mitigate environmental degradation, the whole world should take collective action, urgently and immediately. In order to take steps towards reducing our carbon footprint, the Green Cell has been set up in our Parish. This cell, comprising enthusiastic and concerned environmentalists, has not only parishioners but also people of other faiths and backgrounds. So far, committed members include members of the Muslim and Hindu communities and there is a plan to invite the Parsi and Sikh communities to join in to work in harmony for the greater good of Mother Earth. 

Although in its nascent stage within our Parish, these Green Ambassadors have already undertaken many projects to improve the environmental health of our city. Some of the projects are a mangrove excursion and cleaning drive in Gorai and Manori. Along with the Mahim Beach Committee, they also participated in a beach cleaning exercise at Mahim Reti Bunder.

Do you feel called to work towards the protection of our environment and our planet? Please send in your contact details to our parish email id mentioned on the

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