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When the Parish formulated its Vision Statement, the Development Caring Cell (DCC) evolved along with various other cells and associations. The DCC presently has two main objectives.

Rations: We currently have 33 adopted families; the rest are with the SVP (St Vincent de Paul). All adopted families (SVP + DCC) receive rations on a monthly basis depending on the number of family members. The cost of the rations is borne by our parish. The beneficiaries receive rice, wheat, oil, sugar and tea, and lentils / pulses. New families are now taken care of by the SVP.  At Christmas, these families receive a hamper.

Wednesday Canteen: The canteen was started to empower housewives who had cooking skills to earn and supplement their livelihood. This has now been streamlined wherein we have nine ladies who work under the umbrella of the Ashadeep Mahila Mandal. 12 varieties of snacks are sold. Through this initiative, many members of our adopted families have been aided.  Most of the members of the core group volunteer their services every Wednesday to ensure that the canteen runs smoothly for the benefit of our devotees. The core team members meet once a quarter, or earlier if some important decision has to be made / implemented.  Fellowship and outreach programmes are organised to emphasise the quality of the food and experimentation with new food items. We are totally around 23 members - 14 counter staff and 9 support staff.

We also guide and assist the members of our adopted families to the best of our abilities with regard to their education and employment.

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