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This is an evolving cell of our parish and is currently headed by Fr. Ashwin Castellino. This Cell consists of 3 sub-groups:

The Communication Team:

This sub-group is responsible for the technical aspects of communication. The objectives of this team are:

• Animate and encourage participation of the Congregation at all Masses, Services and programmes in the Church through display of the prayers, responsorial psalms, hymns etc. (including testimonies and environmental messages) at all Masses and Services; 

• Broadcast Services conducted in our Parish through our Parish website or YouTube as determined by our Parish team of Priests;

• Create and share links for such broadcasts;

• Maintain the equipment on a regular basis to avoid breakdowns. It consists of 6 members with Aloysius Abranches as the current representative.

The SMILE Team:
St. Michael’s Informative Letter for Everyone (SMILE) is our Parish quarterly newsletter. This team boasts of 5 extremely creative and talented members of our Parish who are involved in designing, layout, writing and editing the newsletter.

The Web Team:
This team is responsible for ensuring that all pertinent and accurate information is available on our Parish website They are also responsible for ensuring that the information is up-to-date. This team is also responsible for creating posters for all Parish Services and programmes.

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